Lindy Joy Cummings

I ordered two samples of my photos printed on metal...called "prints-metal" on the order form. I got one in "high gloss"and one in "satin". The glossy had better color, depth and clarity...but it reflects EVERYTHING. The satin one is softer in focus, color, and overall look, and does not reflect anything.  Please be aware that there are prints called "Metallic" and refer to an entirely different animal! They are not metal ...they are PAPER with metallic inks.  I am recommending the METAL prints. Be sure to check your order for this.

I highly recommend either glossy or satin METAL is simple, no framing necessary, sits in a lovely way on the wall...just  determine whether the lighting in the area where you will hang it is going to be a problem with reflection. So if you have any nearby windows or lights get the satin. Also I have allowed for paper prints, you will see them at the top of the size charts,  but I prefer the look of the metal ones myself. Paper photos are unframed.

The site is laid out for you to choose the photos you want, click BUY... then there will be a pop up menu ...for metal photos you choose "WALL ART", then a pop up menu for the size you want, and the type of print you want...paper or Metal. If you choose a size and there are shaded parts shown on the photo, it means that you will lose those sections at that size. You have two choices...go to a larger size choice, or crop the photo to fit the size you want...there is a "learn more button for that, and it is really easy.  Once you choose these options the price will pop up and then you can order. Enjoy!

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