Lindy Joy Cummings

Lindy Joy Cummings

My photos are all about ice. In winter ice is everywhere and most people don't like it...they don't like walking on it or driving on it. But there is another side to ice. It is a wonder of nature. In my work I am trying to get people in touch with that wonder, take them out of the 'already way' they see ice...get a new perspective.

I am always surprised by the varieties of ice! There are lumps, with bubbles and cracks. There are icicles with what look like alien language scripts inside. There are crystals which look like ferns. There are also icebergs that are enormous and beautiful, but my work mostly deals with tiny thumbnail size pieces of ice. It is "macro" photography. The photos are about light, and color, and shape. I use a simple photo editing program and the only corrections are contrast and cropping, and sometimes a slight color boost. Basically you are seeing the ice as it is, and the only thing I do is capture it and once in a while move it to a colorful location if it has no natural color around it.

I was born in upstate NY and am used to winter, and used to seeing beauty in snow, ice, and frost on the windows. I find it fun to slosh through nearly frozen creeks. For me winter is a season of rest and renewal, a cleansing of the earth,  a sleeping, a getting ready to blossom in the spring and ice is a part of that plan.

I was trained to be a midwife which I dearly loved for 25 years, but after a life changing head injury and years of rehab, I reached a level of function where I wanted to once again contribute some beauty to the world. To be creative again.  One night while I slept, a freezing rain came, and in the morning sun's gleam my love of ice was awakened. Every tree, bush, and surface, wore a shell of ice, and every drip had become a crystal. Now I can show you a new world.

Trekking out to photograph that world is a little more...well down to earth ...since lying in snow, or kneeling in the mud, while freezing my fingers (gloves can leave debris), is all part of the fun.  I bundle up warmly in my old ski pants and a down vest and a down jacket, and waterproof boots to take the photos. The "photo shoot" could involve ladders, or roofs, or gorges, or trees. It requires a great deal of creativity to get myself and the ice in the right positions relative to the sun. Hours go by and I am barely aware that the sun has moved along!  Then later as I warm up inside, I can't wait to see what I've got on the camera and editing is a form of play!

I have slowly developed the skills of camera and computer, of using editing programs and websites, through trial and error and video tutorials. I am grateful to friends and family, and website "heroes" who have taught me what they know about digital photography, and their personal experience.

If you have a special request of colors of background or technical questions, have an interest in workshops,  or want my work in your gallery,  you may contact me at: Please put "ABOUT ICE PHOTOS"  in the subject.  

I really hope you enjoy my site...perhaps you will get the shivers!

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